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Defender Chronicles v1.3.2.ipa Download



“If a Tower Defense game had babies with Warcraft and Diablo 2, it would be called:
Defender Chronicles.” – iTunes US Review

“After 50 or so reviews, I have struck gold. My first 5 star rating goes to
Defender Chronicles. The game reminds me of Puzzle Quest, when it comes to being addictive and getting stuck in my mind. I have played this for more than 20 hours already. 5 out of 5” – iPhoneGameNetwork

“I am level 222 and have spent over 100 hours since I bought the game last month and I’m still playing!” -
Defender Chronicles forumer

Defender Chronicles – It’s better than Percocet. It pretty much got me through my 3-day appendectomy stay in the hospital last month and made me forget the pain the way Percocet couldn’t.” - Macenstein.com


• Epic storyline with Voice Over
• Over 20 different types of units with distinct abilities
• Unlockable secrets from the Great Library
• Hundreds of unique items for hero
• 5 difficulty levels and 5 game modes
• Endless mode included
• Unlimited gameplay with freestyle mode
• Extremely high replayability value, time flies with each round of the game
• OS 3.0 READY: iPod music library access, email a challenge from the game
• Online leaderboards, achievements, friends, chat using OpenFeint.
• High production value: 9 original music soundtracks, 3D positional sound effects, voice-acting, hand-drawn graphics, intuitive controls, auto-save, auto-flip, fast-forward, vibrate, HQ graphics option


• A new map: Elven Capital Syria
• A new enemy: War Machine
• More customization for freestyle
• Freestyle drops random item
• New ultimate artifact
• A new potion
• A new spell
• More items
• New secrets at the Great Library
• More OpenFeint Achievements

Gameplay video
@ youtube.com/watch?v=IUUZGyUGLOw

Walkthroughs, tips & tricks
@ defenderchronicles.com/forums

Tweet us
@ twitter.com/defchronicles

Defender Chronicles is developed by Menara Games and Gimka Entertainment Inc and published by Chillingo Ltd.
New in this version • Fixed issue with Helegom being not accessible.
• 4 new progressive difficulties unlocked after Legend
• 3 new reputation levels after Legend.
• New abilities for Berserkers: True Rage and Rage Mastery.
• New abilities for Halflings: Large Families.
• New abilities for Mini-Ogres: Industrious.
• New ultimate artifact: Halfing Lord. Defeat Merry Roper, the Halfling Lord at Tarnwood, to acquire it. This will enable “Large Families” ability. Require Reputation of Legend.
• Reset OpenFeint leaderboards: Legendary General, Legendary Melwen, Most Wealthy.
• Fixed OpenFeint Leaderboard: Loving Archmages (previously the tracking went to Loving Mages).
• Regalia of Dominion will no longer fuse with other item.
• You can discard quest item at the Trade Shop or Elf Hut and get it back by replaying the quest.
• More info for Berserkers, Halflings and Mini-Ogres guilds.
• Misc bug fixes

Languages English
Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later
Submitted On:
15 Nov 2009
File Size:
42 Mb
File Date:
15 Nov 2009
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